I don't do fashion, I am fashion.

1. While on a date, the ladies hate it when men shrug their shoulders and let them decide on where to go, what movie to catch, etc. They like men who can take the control of the situation but listen to what they have to say too.

2. Women hate men who talk ONLY about THEMSELVES. (they don't like the spotlight either, they just want to be heard)


4. Women hate it when men compare them to their ex. Even if its in the "you're better than her" category it still sucks because it shows that you still think about your ex thus compare her to the current woman you are out with

5. Women like it when men smell nice, especially when its natural (shampoo, light deodorant)

6. Women do not just judge a guy by his looks as long as he makes her laugh

This is based on personal experience please leave comments and correct me if i'm wrong in anyway!


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Okay so these are a few youtube channels i ALWAYS watch videos from-

---many more.. Shanedawsontv and shanedawosntv2 are created by the same person, its just that each account focuses on different things. Kevjumba is this real funny asian guy living in the US (introduced by chels). He talks about EVERYTHING and is really good with the special techy effects. Jumbafund is his other youtube channel in which the amount of money raised based on the no. of viewers would go to a differnt charity each month. (e.g. invisible children, st jude children's hospital, world wildlife fund, etc). Youtube would pay you if you have large amount of viewers in each video. The more viewers, the more amount of $$$ you get. AND HE USES IT FOR A GOOD CAUSE! Nigahiga is another amusing channel with awesome insane ideas in every video (less vulgar as compared to shane dawson!)

Most of you are mugging like crazee for the finals now so watch them after your exams!
hahas laters then.

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As you can probably tell, I'M BACK!!!!!!!
Mmmm, I'm ignoring loadsa texts about my trip right now mainly cos i'm just too exhausted from the looooong flight and looooooong drive back home. It's like i can sleep anywhere, anytime. Literally. Anyways the trip was fine, we took taxis and mrts as main transportation to places like my grandmother's house and places we had our meals at. My grandmother is much weaker as compared to when i last saw her but otherwise as polite and smiley as ever. xD It's good to be around happy people. It makes you happy too. I think it's in the thai blood to smile? Suppose i didn't get those genes though. lol. There was one morning i was sitting on a couch in the lounge and saw a thick book seducing me. DON'T LAUGH. Thick books seduce me. Oddly enough. I grabbed it, obviously and started reading it. It had me gripping at almost every page and kept me awake throughout my meal (which is surprising, as i can harly stay awake while having breakfast most mornings). I borrowed it and managed to finish it within that day. IT WAS.. OMIGOSH THE BEST BOOK IVE EVER TOUCHED IN MY ENTIRE 14 YEARS OF LIFE.
here's the cover

I'll tell you a lil' about it. It goes all the way into the future, where the human race is almots extinct with only a bunch of them alive, hiding on earth from the wanderers and many other creatures that roam about earth. Wanderers take the body of humans. You can tell that they arent humans anymore by the unusual shiny grey eyes and the large long scar from their neck all the way down to their back where their soul was inserted in the body. The story is told by one certain wanderer that took a body of a women, Melanie. Love complications make the plot richer than it already is, with the wanderer meeting up with the only group of human race left on earth. It will totally change your perspective on love and life. It will make you yearn for love and remember the people in your life and everything. It's awesome. Truly. Do pick it up when you're at a bookstore. You won't regret it. I'm SOOO going to get that book. Somehow. It's so addictive! The ending made me tear up (i don't do that often so you can tell it must've been really touching!) even though my brother was laughing in the same room as me at some weird video or something. I didn't want it to end. But of course, it did. x(

I'm getting real tired now and i should probably start replying those texts. See ya soon! Comment if you love the book as much as i do xD

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That is my DREAM SCHOOL. I so want to go there after my Os (which is in 2 years' time) I plan to study Fashion Design there. Ryan and I were talking about it during art club today. We both plan to take Tailoring courses during the holidays and get a cerificate so that when we apply for Lasalle it would boost us and raise the chance of being accepted. Even mrs goh was going through about where we plan to go after newtown. She went through certain JCs, Ngee ann poly and some others. IF i go jc i would choose to go either ACJC( 8 points), CJC( 10points) or SAJC( 11 points). I don't think i would want to go poly. A friend of mine in class wanted to go NAFA but mrs goh told her that Laselle was higher-class (which is true). She wants to study classical music (WOT) but if i had grade 5 theory like her i wouldn't waste my talent on some sleepy sounding music and would so choose to study on pop music. (don't you all agree?) God I've wanted to go there since a few years back.

But my mom told me that i should have alternate routes in case i don't get my dream (most parents don't support this dream as being a fashion designer you would not have stable jobs. In fashion, one minute you're in and the next, you're out- yes this is from project runway the best show of all on channel 16!-) so i should go to a proper jc and can study fashion in uni. But i countered her statement by saying by then i would be so old and would get farther away from my dream (i think that's what she wants) so i guess i could be a journalist. Or something closer to artsy stuff. Maybe interior design? I've got my heart, body and soul set on fashion designing. Hope i get there on day and manage to study abroad.

OH and to get into Lasalle I just have to pass 5 GCE O lvl subjects and create a portfolio including all my designs and go for interviews of course. That's the worst bit cos' i FREAK OUT at interviews! If i get rejected by Lasalle I'll try NAFA. But really really hope i get accepted into Lasalle. Sigh.

So very worried for my future.

My mom was just telling me about The parsons( new york), a famous design school that my cousin went to! He studied as a lanscape something for a few years there. Before that, he was studying in an art university in Thailand for 4 years. That's what I plan to do. Finish secondary school, get into lasalle (it'll be like a stepping stone towards my dream career), study for 4 years and move to new york and study in The parsons.

link to their home page-

If any of you recognise it, it's from project runway. Project runway was FILMED THERE!!!! for a few years to gain some experience.
Omigosh I SO wanna go and study there! My plans after that i are to work in adidas as a designer as adidas is known for its shoes and not its clothes so I plan to make that company an all-rounder and start designing outfits that could make adidas a well-rounded famous brand internationally. I know i have big dreams but i really hope that they would work out for me! After that i'd probably join a larger company and work for them or start my own line.

wish me luck!

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I was recently introduced to this song- Dirty Funk (steve appleton) and IT ROCKS. He's so hot and can play like 5 instruments!! Go check out the mv here' the link:

and here's how he looks like!

since i've nothing else to write about and was suggested to write about HIM, I will. xD

Okay his name's Nicholas lee I don't know his chinese name cos' I haven't bothered asking. He's currently studying mechanical engineering in singapore polytechnic, singapore. He's 185cm tall, unsure about his weight but maybe it's 80 something. He claims he has "zac efron" hairdo so those girls out there loving zac efron it's your lucky day. Lol.

I met him on facebook as we had 1 friend in common that was his classmate and my senior in band. I added him as a friend 1st and he accepted me of course. We started chatting from then onwards and have become great mates. He plays basketball and is currently training in sp's basketball team and aims to be in the first team. Has training till 10 on alternate days. (He's usually dead tired after 'em) He likes both old and new songs and we've the same taste in movies/ shows. xD More to the comedy, romance, sometimes thriller or action. (Yea, he still watches cartoons like THE SIMPSONS) He's those kind of happy-go-lucky guy and RARELY gets angry or agitated. He seems to be cheerful 23/7- always using :) in texts. He loves Australia and wants to study there too. Both of us have been to Perth (WA) before and it's amazing. Even though it can me 40++ degrees in summer use your common sense and go there during summer or winter. He has loads of pictures taken during his trip there. He's great at sociallizing and has no problem making friends even in the arctic regions or something. He's really really nice and is really thoughtful and gets all caring when he thinks he's disturbing you. Haha. He's the kinda guy that hangs out with his friends and just have a wave of time no matter what. He gets really serious and all when it comes to r/s. It's like he changes to the serious side of him. Oh and he has fought once before cos' a guy elbowed him during bball sometime back. I cant really think of anything else to say about him but he's really fab. x) Having him as a friend is an awesome experience.

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Hey Hey Hey.

It's so amazing how I can just forgive people.. I'm not even angry now! WoW...
Okay so here are some tips to hopefully help you in the exams in future (EOYs).

1- When you study, off your phone, com, or any other electrical devices except for ones that play music like ipods, mp3s or radios.
This would help you concentrate on studies ONLY and not get distracted. Ipods, Mp3s or radios help me concentrate only during my revisal for maths and i suggest that you only play it while practicing maths. If you listen to them while doing languages, you're just wasting your time. The words in the song (unless it's classical then i suppose it's fine) would just distract you from the ones on paper.

2- To memorize, you have to figure out whether you can remember better by looking at diagrams or just by words.
You can do so by getting a paragraph of words to memorize, and see how long you take to memorize them. Then, summarize the words by drawing pictures to guide you and just remembering the keywords. It is easy to figure out which was the easier way to memorize. But please DO remember the keywords when memorizing stuff for science.

3- When you get tired after studying, EAT. Or not.
Eating helps me. I have no idea why. Perhaps i may have a soft spot for them. But if you're less of a food person just get up from your seat, blast out music and create a lil stress-relieving dance. It'll wake your mind. Rest for around half and hour then get back to your work. Don't spend too much time taking breaks.

4- To take notes, write out your own notes.
Your mind subconsciously remembers the notes you wrote and even if you don't memorize the notes that well, writing gives you the rough idea of what the notes are all about.

5- When taking notes, look online for sources of infomation.
You'd be surprised at the variety of information you can find online. Google is the best search engine there is. There's no harm in learning more, so read through the information, analyse it, then take it down by writing it down (point 4), even including the stuff you don't understand, then look up the words you don't get at dictionary.com (yes, there is such a website). This will widen your knowledge and your teacher would be impressed.

6- When you get stressed at the amount of stuff you have to memorize, take it out by going to your parents or whoever you feel very comfortable talking with.
They help relieve stress- just don't get carried away and get back to your revision

7- Lastly, during your exams, smuggle some sweets in.
Sweets do great things for you. Just don't get flavours you love, get strong ones like MINT(get dark secret mints- i forgot what brand it was but it comes in small plastic boxes. They are convenient and very refreshingly hot!). The cool effect it has in your mouth immediately refreshes you while doing you paper. Just don't let the teacher catch you. It is especially effective when doing a boring subject like maths or history.

aah yes here the sweets are

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