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I hate it when I go to countries that snow(okay I like the snow but HATE what dry climatic weathers do to my skin)... It totally sucks the moisture out of my largest organ and leave my cracked skin to suffer. x(
I just moved from Japan to HK (minus 10 degrees celsius to 18 degrees celsius)... My skin is dying. Wonder how its gonna survive when I go back to singapore. Tropical climate. x(
Anyway the trip has been awesome. Cant believe I spent S$70 on a T-SHIRT but it looked amazing so yeah. x)
I'll be back on the 27th, and on 28th-30th I'll be having CCA. School starts on the 4th of Jan so that's something I'm dreading and looking forward to at the same time.
Gonna watch youtube vids (got loadsa catching up to do) so bye!

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Heya!! Wow I've been keeping this blog updated. Okay so now that Christmas is nearing some of you might be looking for Christmas treats recipes! I've spent the past few days baking my hands off and my fingers smell of butter, vanilla essence and flour most of the time. Anyway I've made Gingerbread cookies, Candycane cookies and Snowball cookies.

I know, yummm right? haha. I copied the recipes online so I don't have the links except for the snowball cookies. If you wanna make those simple cookies that take a couple of minutes to prepare, go for the snowball ones. They look lovely, smell lovely, and take barely an hour to finish baking!
Here's the link- http://www.christmas-cookies.com/recipes/recipe74.snowball-cookies.html
Christmas treats are awesome cos it brightens up your friend's, parent's, relative's, neighbor's day up and the process would take away some of those boring times in front of the telly watching a movie you don't even enjoy. So get your bums up and start baking! Like me. x)

signing off with butterfingers~

btw: A great place to look for simple recipes for beginners like yours truly, try allrecipes.com
they have a good variety.

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Twilight. Twilight. Twilight.
So which team are you on? Jacob or Edward?
I've got dibs on Jacob!
I know they're just characters in a hit vampire series but I cant stop thinking about how terrible, utterly heartbreaking Jacob must have felt when Bella chose Edward over him. i shouldn't hate Edward, I mean he's the perfect guy ever but he has EVERYTHING. And he wasnt even imprinted on Bella! Sigh it's all his fualt that Bella fell in love with the wrong guy. oh wait, cross that out. Chose the wrong guy I meant.
I'm not those girls that craze over his abs- anyone can work out to gain 'em. But it's the character in the book.
What do I look like? The wizard of oz? You need a brain? You need a heart? Go ahead. Take mine. Take everything I have
This was when bella left or something and poor jacob's heart was ripped to shreds. My heartstrings didn't just TUG they RIPPED OUT OF MY HEART AND TWISTED IN AGONY when Bella left with Edward and jacob, the guy/werewolf that sitched her up was left alone. The ending of eclipse (i think) was Jacob running away from his pack, wanting to be alone. Pushing Jacob black and his entire life behind him. :(
In the last book, at the part when bella lost her life giving birth to renesmee, Jacob went to find the baby, with a murderous thought but was imprinted on her instead. The way stephanie meyer described jacob's feeling was,, incredible. Really. I was.. crying. I think.
I guess practically every other teen in the world must feel the same way I do. I really hope I can meet SM one day and question her ability to describe the feelings so vividly. Perhaps she had personally experienced it before? Hm...
Anyhoos It'll take me awhile to get over this feeling. x(

signing off with a heavy heart-

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When a lil' birdie told me that the 2009 streaming (appeal) results came out I immediately when to edulearn and downloaded the document but....
My name wasnt even there! Like the document listed BOTH successful and unsuccessful aplicants- including that birdie's name but mine and a few other's name were missing!! That could only be 2 reasons
1. The school is a dmbass with lousy computer systems and lost my name in the proess of organised listing
2. I'm right at the border line so my name is in the "undetermined" box.

(hope it's the 2nd)
Sighhh... I feel so anxious. How am I supposed to enjoy my holidays? x(
My mom tried calling the school at around 9 but GUESS WHAT. It's closed. That's right. x( Gotta wait for those lazy people to unlock the gates and start answering phone calls.

signing off with a confused but determined heart~

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